How Amazon Prime Now may affect the grocery market!

Amazon is piloting a new delivery service in London called “Prime Now”. It is an extension of the current Amazon Prime subscription service. However, Amazon Prime Now cuts down the delivery to 1 hour. Amazon is trying this service in selected postcodes in London with a plan to extend it later.

I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and I love this service. A lot of the products on Amazon is available on Prime and I can get them next day. I ordered a power bank 3 PM on Tuesday, I received it on 10 AM on Wednesday. This is pretty cool! The way I choose products now on Amazon is affected by whether the product is in the Prime scheme or not, and I prefer to buy Prime products.
When I look at the new service Prime Now and start to think what is the value of a one hour delivery?! As a consumer why would I need it?! The power bank I ordered is not urgent, a book or hard disk…etc. but if you think of food the conversation now is different!

I see Amazon Prime Now is a direct threat to the existing well established grocery stores. It is a Disruptive Innovation. Prime Now is changing the business model because simply Prime Now allows me to order my grocery from home through an app and I may have a weekly list that I get delivered on a recurring schedule. This is big deal and will threaten big supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asada…etc.

It will be interesting to see whether the large supermarket chains will sense the threat or not, and they will react to this. In my opinion this, is an interesting space to watch.

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Important attributes in a page Meta element for SEO

Search engines optimisation (SEO) is an important part of your website planning. SEO can help you provide more traffic your website through organic search and showing up in the search results in any of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo…etc.)

One important optimisation factors in your website to have better SEO is to have proper Meta elements in your pages header.

The description attribute

This attribute should provide a description for the content within the page. Search engines use this attribute to find the right search result based on the search keyword. Keywords in the description are very important to increase the ranking of the site in the search engine.

Sample html:

Extranet, and Intranet sites. ” name=”description”>

The keywords attribute

One of the most widely known attributes that helps in SEO and increasing the page ranking; however currently most of the search engines doesn’t give high value to keywords attribute in the ranking algorithm

Sample html:

Extranet, SharePoint Portal, SharePoint consultant, SharePoint Website” name=”keywords”>

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