Cloud IT Architecture Resources

I was going through the backlog of posts in the Office 365 Yammer network and I stumbled upon a great post on Cloud Adoption Advisory Board (CAAB) group which includes a group of amazing resources to help cloud architects.

Following all the resources shared in the post

Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Roadmap: Resources for IT decision makers
Microsoft Cloud Services and Platform Options
Microsoft Cloud Identity for Enterprise Architects
Microsoft Cloud Security for Enterprise Architects
Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects
Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects
TechNet page that contains all of these resources

The Responsive Organization

The Responsive Organization is a fascinating term that exactly explains how the organizations should. Most of the organisations are adopting the industrial age fundamentals which built on predictability and provide sustainability. Nowadays the pace of change is faster than anyone and it is hard to grasp long-term predictability.

Watch this video, it explains the concepts from some of the industry thought leaders


The Changing World of Work – YouTube

Is SharePoint 2016 disappointing to existing Microsoft customers?

Microsoft has been leading the collaboration platforms market through SharePoint. Microsoft introduced several version on roughly a 3 years cycle. The latest version of SharePoint to be released on early 2016 is SharePoint 2016. At the time of writing this post, SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 is released. This version is the first major SharePoint on-premises version released based on SharePoint Online code base. Microsoft has been pushing its new vision “Cloud First Mobile First” through Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Although SharePoint 2013 adopted some of the SharePoint Online concepts like SharePoint Apps and hybrid deployments like integration with Yammer and OneDrive for Business but it was not built with cloud in mind. SharePoint 2016 is the first release based on SharePoint Online and introduces strong hybrid scenarios.

However, in my opinion the new features in SharePoint 2016 are disappointing for end users. Microsoft focused mainly on getting the new hybrid experience to the clients through things like the shared app launcher menu, hybrid cloud search service and delivering improved performance and reliability through MinRoles, Zero Downtime Patching. The new delivered features that directly solve end users problems or add new value are very limited.

SharePoint 2016 didn’t tackle a lot of missing features in SharePoint that requires custom development now like mobile apps, 3rd party access (extranet), sharing content across site collections, removing the boundaries of sites for document management scenarios which confuse a lot of users, bringing the Delve like applications to on-premise, tighter integration with Yammer, strong social story to compete with chatter/Jive and likes…etc. I find it is hard to present to business users what are the new features/benefits in SharePoint 2016 vs 2013 trying to convince them to move on and plan for an upgrade!

I would love to hear your views on this!


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How Amazon Prime Now may affect the grocery market!

Amazon is piloting a new delivery service in London called “Prime Now”. It is an extension of the current Amazon Prime subscription service. However, Amazon Prime Now cuts down the delivery to 1 hour. Amazon is trying this service in selected postcodes in London with a plan to extend it later.

I am an Amazon Prime subscriber and I love this service. A lot of the products on Amazon is available on Prime and I can get them next day. I ordered a power bank 3 PM on Tuesday, I received it on 10 AM on Wednesday. This is pretty cool! The way I choose products now on Amazon is affected by whether the product is in the Prime scheme or not, and I prefer to buy Prime products.
When I look at the new service Prime Now and start to think what is the value of a one hour delivery?! As a consumer why would I need it?! The power bank I ordered is not urgent, a book or hard disk…etc. but if you think of food the conversation now is different!

I see Amazon Prime Now is a direct threat to the existing well established grocery stores. It is a Disruptive Innovation. Prime Now is changing the business model because simply Prime Now allows me to order my grocery from home through an app and I may have a weekly list that I get delivered on a recurring schedule. This is big deal and will threaten big supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asada…etc.

It will be interesting to see whether the large supermarket chains will sense the threat or not, and they will react to this. In my opinion this, is an interesting space to watch.

Amazon expands one-hour Prime Now deliveries in London
WIRED tests Amazon Prime Now in London (Wired UK)
Amazon Prime Now’s one-hour delivery put to the test | Money | The Guardian

Speaking at the first Collab365 Global Conference

I have been selected at the first Collab365 conference. It is a unique conference. This conference will run for 24 hours continuously, it includes speakers from the 6 continents. it is online and free to attend.


My session will be in the business track, it is “Cloud Adoption Strategies”. In this session I will be discussing how organisations can harness the benefits of the cloud, what are key steps to change the organisation to be cloud ready.

Register today

Presenting at the First SharePoint Saturday in London

I am very pleased to be selected as speaker in the first SharePoint Saturday in London. I am a regular speaker in SharePoint Saturday UK that is done in Midlands. However, London SharePoint Saturday is different which represents the main SharePoint Saturday for the big city.

I am glad to be selected among great speakers from all over Europe.


I will be speaking about the latest features in Power BI and how the business can use it to provide real self service BI.

If you are in London on 11th July, make sure to register for the event