Office Delve Release to Office 365 customers – previously code-named "Oslo"

Microsoft released this week its long waiting discovery product for enterprises “Delve”.

According to Business insider ”Delve,” which will do for Office 365 users what Cortana will do for Windows Phone users: manage their lives.”

Delve will allow employees to discover people and content with their organisation without having to know where the content is stored. Delve is using the Office Graph, which is based on a machine learning technology which analyses the users’ daily communication and interaction in Outlook, SharePoint and Yammer to surface content relevant to the users.

Delve is available for existing Office 365 customers for free, and no plans yet for having Delve on SharePoint on-premise.

Developers story

Microsoft will allow the developers to query the Office Graph using the Graph Query Language (GQL).

The Office graph contains information about enterprise objects such as people and documents, as well as the relationships and interactions between these objects. The relationships and interactions are represented as edges.

Using GQL with the SharePoint Online Search REST API to query Office graph
Developing Apps against the Office Graph

A simplified view of the Search aspect of Office graph and Delve, the main experience it powers


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