Business Tweets

Sideways management: giving team purpose & sense of direction but leaving team members free to follow their intuition #leadership

Employees must see that their work activities are helping them to achieve their personal goals

Every frustrated employee with high need for achievement is a potential competitor!

Live by your values and encourage others to live by theirs #leadership

Interesting distraction!!!!

Managers mistake to believe that all employees will their work assignments and rewards in the same way #leadership #Management

Inch by inch … Keep calm and carry on

Managers who don’t recognise the hope 4 the future in their employees fail to seize a most powerful source of employee #motivation

Executives don’t think about tools they think about results.

Employee loyalty & great performance spring from supervisors who demonstrate real concern for well-being of subordinates #leadership

Reward performance & productivity, not “face time” spent working #leadership #Management

“@ValaAfshar: Leadership is a service not a rank. – @simonsinek” #leadership

Don’t be confident that the other side of the grass is greener

Everything is negotiable

Sales will not fix everything

How #CXO thinks … Faster … Cheaper … Better #business #strategy

If your leadership keep on accepting IT as a black box you’re in trouble – in search of business value #ITstrategy

Communication is a huge part of a cultural change #strategy #changemanagement

Effective communication doesn’t just go one way, it is a two way street.

Employee needs to see his career line of sight to stay motivated #motivation #management

Business process is a series of steps if followed it will create a chain of cause and effect leads u to ur targets #business

Whenever u come across something new u must ask What is it? & What can I do with it? #business #think

@ValaAfshar: success = competence + confidence.

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

“Technology provides no benefits of its own. It is the application of technology to business opportunities that produces ROI” – Robert McDowell, In Search of Business Value

Employees move in the direction of self-efficacy when they receive targeted and specific positive feedback about their performance

Managers who ignore principles of motivation will foul up their operations because they will fail at crucial task of linking the firms’s goals to the behavior of their employees.

Managers who don’t recognize the hope for the future in their employees fail to seize a most powerful source of employee motivation.

An effective, trustworthy manager helps his employees find a pathway to future work satisfaction because he also wants the same thing for himself and his family.

When employees experience fairness they respond with more motivation and satisfaction.

Biggest pain-points may not be biggest problems. They may be distractions.

Have a plan and expect it to change

Go slow to go fast

The only good strategies are the ones that you can only execute

Don’t fall in love with your first idea – copied @strategyzer

The era of a fixed business model is over – copied @strategyzer

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