CEO vs. CIO – Hit the right tone

I watched a keynote in CIO Days 2019 by Frank Slootman CEO of Snowflake. You can watch it here, It is 14 minutes.

I liked the talk because it was not typical sales pitch about a product (i.e. Snowflake) but Frank shared his experience as a CEO on what his expectations for CIOs and he doesn’t want them to do. The talk provides a first-hand experience and advice.

I thought of summarizing in a different way, rather than writing an article about it, I drew simple handwritten mind maps to capture the key points of the talk.

Following the mind maps. I would love to get your feedback if you find it useful and easy to follow on the key message from the talk.

Excuse me for any typos or brevity in the drawings.

Originally posted in Linkedin profile here

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