Power BI–SPChat with SharePoint-community.neT

I am glad to be invited by SharePoint-Community.Net for one their monthly SPChat events. The session will discuss Power BI technology.

Download calendar invite [Make sure you have a valid account, see below]

SPChat is one hour online session to discuss a specific topic, It is a Q&A about a particular subject around SharePoint or O365. The format for an SPChat is as follows:

  1. On 30th April login to SharePoint-Community.net Chat Room.
  2. SPChat host introduces the speaker and the topic.
  3. At this point the other people in the Chat Room will ask questions about Power BI every time I say “Next Question”.
  4. The chat will last for about one hour.

Please make sure you have a verified account on SharePoint-Community.Net beforehand. I recommend doing this now.

Please join the session and be ready with all your questions about Power BI and Office 365.

[Update 1st May 2015] You can read the Q&A transcript SPChat Transcript – PowerBI with MVP, Marwan Tarek