Thoughts on the Internet of Thing 8 years ago

I remember 8 years ago I was driving with a friend in the streets of Cairo, Cairo is known of its chaos traffic and amazing mix between vehicles and pedestrians which are unmatched, and it has its own secret rules.

Cairo streets are missing traffic lights and drivers have their own rules to cross junctions and roundabouts!

At this time web technologies, online services and web services were booming. I told my friend it should be easy to attach a data SIM card on the traffic light so it can connect to a central control system that can monitor the traffic, and change the traffic management pattern based on this information.

It was a very cool idea, but it looked like this was far fetched at this time.

Fast forward 8 years, and now we are in 2014 and all major technology providers are talking about Internet of Things (IoT) or as Cisco is calling it Internet of Everything (IoE).

It is  cool to  see some of the ideas are happening!

Watch this video The Internet of Everything is the New Economy – YouTube



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SharePoint Online now supports unlimited external users

Microsoft updated its SharePoint Online platform to supported unlimited external users.

SharePoint Online: software boundaries and limits is updated. This update applies to small business, midsize business, Enterprise, Education, and Government.

External users are uses who are not employees, contractors, or affiliates to your organisation (Microsoft)

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