Participating in June 2014 #CollabTalk TweetJam SharePoint UX

I am glad to be part of the next Metalogix TweetJam on SharePoint UX, scheduled for June 26th at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern

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The questions we will be discussing are:

“Making the SharePoint User Experience More Sticky”

  • What are the biggest problems with the SharePoint user experience?
  • What are the back-end issues that inhibit the SharePoint UX?
  • Responsive vs Designed (device channels) – what do customers prefer?
  • What 3 recent or vNext features will most improve the SharePoint UX?
  • How important is Yammer to the SharePoint UX roadmap?
  • After Oslo and Office Graph, what are your predictions for the SharePoint UX?
  • How do you measure the ROI on SharePoint UX improvements?