InfoPath is disappearing

Office team announced today that they are retiring InfoPath and investing in new forms technology across SharePoint, Access, and Word.

It was obvious to the community that this is coming after the release of InfoPath 2013, which didn’t include any new major enhancements, and SharePoint workflows moved away from using InfoPath forms.

Microsoft will show a sneak peek of their plans in SPC14, “InfoPath and SharePoint Forms Roadmap” session.

Please read the full announcement here Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms | Office Blogs

Presenting in Enterprise Social: The voice of the business seminar

I will be presenting on the next BrightStarr seminar “Enterprise Social: The voice of the business” along side great speaker

  • my colleague Sam Hassani
  • Rav Dhaliwal – Director Yammer Customer Success EMEA

The focus will be on how social technology can help organisations and overcome productivity problems, also what each organisation needs to have a successful social roadmap.

Please join us at Microsoft London office on 5th February 2014.

I’m speaking at the European SharePoint Conference 2014

In case you missed it, the European SharePoint Conference 2014 programme is now available and I’m delighted to announce that I am speaking at Europe’s largest SharePoint event in Barcelona, Spain from the 5-8th May 2014.

I will be conducting a session on “Cross-Site Publishing in SharePoint 2013”.

“SharePoint 2013 introduced a lot of new features in WCM. Cross-site publishing is a great feature that allows the site authors to publish content cross sites and manage the publishing through managed metadata, search, content search web parts and display template. In this session I am going to walkthrough what you need to plan for building a site that can benefit from cross-site publishing.”


The European SharePoint Conference will be run over four days and will feature over 100 informative SharePoint sessions and 6 preconference tutorials providing you with a fantastic opportunity for learning and building your SharePoint skills. Check out the full Conference Programme to see all sessions and topics that are being covered by myself and world renowned SharePoint experts.

If you want to deepen your SharePoint expertise, to understand the trend of the SharePoint market, and to learn how to leverage Microsoft Office 365 for your business, including the revolutionary Enterprise Social wave, the European SharePoint Conference is the best place to be in 2014!

Book Now and I’ll see you in Barcelona in May

Participating in Metalogix January TweetJam: Mobile, Apps, and the Future of Collaboration

The questions we will be discussing this month include:

Extending Collaboration through Mobility

  • What are your predictions for mobility in 2014?
  • How important is mobility to your collaboration strategy, and why?
  • What are some examples of leading mobility solutions? Who is doing it well?
  • What 3 things should a company consider when developing mobility solutions?
  • What business problems or scenarios are a good fit for the app model?
  • What issues are companies experiencing when moving solutions to the app model?
  • How will/should companies manage security and governance around enterprise apps?
  • How do you rate Microsoft’s app strategy (1 thru 10, 10 being best) and why?

If you’re new to the tweetjam model, it’s fairly simple: using Twitter and a shared hash tag, a panel discusses a series of questions over the course of an hour, with other members of the community jumping in and joining the conversation in real-time. You can follow along with the tweetjam on Twitter by following the #CollabTalk hash tag, or you can go to to watch live or review comments after the event.

It will be on Tuesday 28th January 5-6 PM GMT

I will be joining a great panel of experts:

  • Antonio Maio (@antoniomaio2), consultant and SharePoint MVP
  • Barry Jinks (@bjinks), ceo of Colligo
  • Mark Kashman (@mkashman), product marketing manager at Microsoft
  • Chris Beckett (@teknirvana), founder of obeflow and SharePoint MCM
  • Joe Herres (@HE_MobileEntree), evp products and services at H3 Solutions
  • Trevor Hellebuyck (@thellebuyck), cto at Metalogix
  • Eric Riz (@rizinsights), evp at Concatenate and SharePoint MVP
  • Michael Greth (@mysharepoint), SharePoint specialist and community leader, SharePoint MVP
  • Chris McNulty (@cmcnulty2000), CTO at Dell Software and SharePoint MVP
  • Wendy Neal (@sharepointwendy), architect, developer and evangelist
  • Jason Ruthkoski (@jasonruthkoski), team lead, portals and collaboration at Slalom Consulting
  • Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) as host, evangelist at Metalogix and SharePoint MVP

Office 365 Saturday Europe 2013 sessions recordings

Office 365 Saturday Europe 2013 sessions recording is now available. Please access it here

Session I did was, “SharePoint Online External Users defined

SharePoint Online provides the tools to share content with external users. In this session, we are going to explore what Microsoft means by an external user, What are the options for sharing content with external users and how to define an external sharing strategy.